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Good Times Running is an event creation and management company dedicated to re-introducing people to the joys of running. Moms and Dads. Business leaders. Charitable workers. Everyone benefits. Our small, dedicated team of experts are committed to creating events that exceed the expectations of today’s running enthusiast, be they participating for the 1st time or the 100th time.


From careful course mapping to thoughtful finish line rewards, a Good Times Running event guarantees participants, sponsors and partners a memorable experience. 


Most importantly, we stay true to our philosophy – FUN is the magic word, a fact reflected in our company tagline :

“Make Your Next Run Meaningful"

In a rapidly evolving marketing world, brand experiences are the new currency. Companies are actively embracing events as a means to engage customers, partners and employees on a more personal level. 


There are many reasons why people choose to participate  — to commemorate a loved one, to raise money to fight diseases, to lose weight, to keep in shape — but participants in running events share something bigger — a powerful sense of accomplishment and a renewed sense of community.


Associating your brand with these powerful feelings creates connections that are far deeper than simple advertising.

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