Wow, I wonder if I could do that?


Today, more and more people are asking themselves that exact question. We are in the midst of a “Running Renaissance” or as Running USA calls it, the Second Running Boom. According to Statistics Canada, the number of Canadians 12 and over who say they run or jog has gone from 14 %  in 2001 to 23 % in 2013 – that’s 6,533,000 runners across the country! 


Those that participate in special running events used to be predominantly men – over 80%, in fact. Now? Most such events are driven by women, who make up 65% of the fields. Participants still run for competitive reasons, but shifting demographics have created new reasons for people sign up — to commemorate a loved one, to raise money for charities, to keep in shape, and increasingly, to have a good time. 


Social media has also fueled the boom, creating opportunities for ongoing engagement, fundraising activities and a greater overall sense of being part of a collective community. Today’s core runner is: Educated – 75.8% have  a college diploma  Affluent – 73.3% reporting a household income of more than $75,000 (Source: Running USA, State of the Sport, 2013). 


The 2015, 2016 Toronto Corporate Run enjoyed a 97% satisfaction rate from our customers, yet another Top Rated event!

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