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The Running / Walking / Outdoor Fitness Market is one of the best areas to market your company, brand or product, for so many reasons:


- healthy, active people will most likely live longer and use your products longer!

- runners are loyal to brands so you can create a lasting relationship for many years

- the demographic traits of Generation Active are almost as good as teenage boys!

- even in a recession outdoor enthusiasts find room in their budget for exercise, fitness and fun

Nearly half of Canadians identify as outdoorsy, citing NPD Group data (2016 study). Only 11% are considered "hard core" types that would go back-country camping, but 30% — fit into a softer version, one that enjoys camping, walking, hiking, cycling, and aerobic or other types of workouts.


"The outdoor industry always spoke to the core—to the guys at the top of the mountain—because that’s been the aspirational model for the last 25 years," he explains. "Everyone used to want to be one of those guys getting to the top. But what has shifted, and what the outdoor industry is scrambling to figure out, is that for most people, that’s no longer their model. There’s rapidly been a whole new wave of people who want to experience the outdoors in a different way. Some are millennials, some are not, but they just want to be outside and they don’t look like the type of folks the outdoor industry has targeted in the past."

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